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Re: still not out of the woods with idepci / compact kernels

> The below problem is fixed.  The only problem now is an aesthetic one.  The
> compact and idepci kernels attempt to draw a framebuffer penguin logo at boot.
> The 2.2.19pre17 version has a messed up color map for me (I tried the
> 2.2.17-idepci kernel and the color map was fine, so I don't think my hardware
> is the problem)

the colormap flashing is a known problem, it has to do with how the
console is initialized. i'm not sure why you didn't see it with
2.2.17idepci, i've seen with every compact/idepci kernel i've built.

> I'd like to either fix the color map or remove the logo.  I think I know how to
> remove the logo, I haven't figured out how to fix the color map.  I did a
> variety of diffs between 2.2.17 and 2.2.19 and nothing has come to me.

if this can be turned off without a patch, go ahead. i thought the logo
is included automatically if you have fb support turned on.

> At this point I'll just remove the logo unless someone speaks up that they
> really want it, or that they know what the problem is.

2.2.19 is out and packaged, can you look into packaging that? i'm going
to be moving fairly soon so i probably won't be able to get to this for
a couple of weeks at least.

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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