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Re: debootstrap_0.1.1

On Mon, Mar 12, 2001 at 09:21:58AM -0800, David Whedon wrote:

> > debootstrap_0.1.1.dsc: m68k not in arch list: i386 -- skipping

> > So, does m68k need debootstrap or not? 
> All archs will need debootstrap.
So the package must be arch: any. And it must be installed for all arches
(at least on m68k I have problems with files only locally available
> >From the debootstrap README.Debian:
never saw that, it did not even unpack, since it was not-for-us...

>         * only works for i386 at the moment. should be fairly easy to adapt
> -----------
> In fact the woody bootstrap fails on i386 right now too, but potato works.
> Somebody with root on the various archs needs to make it work on their arch.
Root is not a problem (even you could get root on an m68k box). But what
does this package do? What do I need to fix for m68k? Only adjust the
devices to be created? Couldn't you have taken the information for the other
arches from the potato boot-floppies? And how are we supposed to hack it
in, its _very_ i386 centric ATM... any style guidelines or maybe an example?
Otherwise every porter does it as he likes it... _if_ somebody does it...

Oh, you're not the maintainer, aj?


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