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Re: How I can test the new Debian installation?

Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 11:59:29PM +0100 wrote:
> Hello, I want to learn Debian.
> I'm an advanced RedHat user that wants to be completly free ;-)
> I have read about a new Debian installer for woody and I want test it,

Actually woody will be using an updated version of boot-floppies. Hopefully
fairly soon it will be usable/testable.  Any help testing you can give will be
greatly appreciated.  You can go to cvs.debian.org and check out the source,
there is documentation in the archive.


> but I can't find it at Debian's ftp, so, Where I could find it? and of
> course, How I can use it? ;-)

> Thanks in advance.
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