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Re: Booting to floppy

Welcome to the powerpc boot floppy fiasco.  The rescue floppy will
only work on New World macs, and yours is an old world.  The
boot-floppy-hfs.img file is the image of a bootable floppy for the
old world macs for install purposes, but it has a keyboard issue and
doesn't work without some modifications, and then only if you have
quick hands!  See the list archives at http://lists.debian.org for
more info on that.  The best way to go is if you have MacOS on the
machine, and use the `BootX' option, which is documented enough in
the install docs for the powerpc port.


Geert Stappers wrote:
> Hallo Kenney,
> The boot-floppies are indeed for all architectures.
> But for this question,   debian-powerpc is a better place to ask.
> ( there CC-ed )
> At 20:25 +0100 2/26/01, Kenney Mark wrote:
> >All,
> >
> >I want to install Debian on a Mac, and can get my Power Macintosh 8500/120
> >to the Open Firmware boot prompt, but cannot find any documentation that
> >tells me how to boot the "rescue floppy" from the boot prompt to start my
> >Debian 2.2 installation.  I'm guessing it's something like "boot fd:0"?
> >Your help would be greatly appreciated...
> >
> >Mark (kenney_mark@prc.com)
> >
> Groet Geert Stappers
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