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cvs commit to modconf/debian by joey

Repository: modconf/debian
who:        joey
time:       Thu Feb 22 06:06:15 PST 2001

Log Message:

  * Rewrote some module finding and naming code so modconf will work with
    Linux 2.4.x as well.  (closes: Bug#78924)
  * Added support for LC_MESSAGES in addition to LANG (closes: Bug#71875)
  * Applied patch from Peter Muir <muirp@ieels.com> to not truncate long
    modules names (caused problems with similar prefixes, like with alsa)
    (closes: Bug#63804)
  * Updated German translation (Joey)
  * Updated Croatian translation (Josip Rodin)
  * Updated French translation (Roland Mas)
  * Updated Japanese translation (Junichi Uekawa)
  * Updated Italian translation (Marco d'Itri, Eugenia Franzoni)
  * Updated Swedish translation (Mattias Wadenstein)


changed:    changelog mkkerneldesc.pl

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