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Re: Request for addition: USB mass storage support

Michèl Alexandre Salim wrote:
> --- Eric VB <eric@femto.eric.ath.cx> wrote:
> > I'm not sure if I understand well, but don't you
> > have any hard drive ? If you
> > have one, you can install Debian from it.
> I have a hard drive, yes :) But when booting off the
> rescue floppy one then has to use the root floppy as
> well. When using a USB floppy drive, at boot time the
> BIOS recognise it as a floppy drive, but afterwards
> Linux sees it as a USB device. So I cannot use the
> root disk.
> Tried LILO but it doesn't work for some strange
> reasons. Nothing happens after 'Uncompressing Linux'
> Will try the Progeny installer today.
> Regards,
> Michel Salim

So you probably need a kernel that has usb support compiled in to read
the root disk, which probably means you need a 2.4 kernel, would that be
correct ?


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