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Bug#84639: LILO on swap partition?

Torsten Landschoff <torsten@debian.org> writes:

> I just reread the mail (it is in german so will most probably not help
> you). It does look like a user error now. Obviously the swap partition
> was marked bootable in cfdisk but I guess dinstall installed LILO 
> into the root partition (which was not activated).

I don't think LILO cares if a partition is marked bootable -- I think
it's only the DOS MBR that cares about that...

> That way I assume the old LILO installed there by the SuSE installer
> was invoked loading the old kernel (which obviously was not
> overwritten by the installation) booting the Debian partition. Or
> something like that.

That's possible -- should I close the bug?

If not, if the user things it was our bug, I'd need the complete
installer.log as well as fdisk -l output.

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