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Re: task problem

Olivier Delemar <delemar@mimosa.ceng.cea.fr> writes:

> Le jeu 01 fév 2001 à 05:38:51 +0100, Marcin Owsiany écrivait :
> > tasksel and boot-floppies are just packages, btw it is
> > base-config that calls tasksel, not boot-floppies.
> 	Ok. I don't want to argue. Would you please be kind enough to
> point me to the relevant mailing list, the one where one can discuss
> about base-config? I can't figure out which one is the good one.

Oliver, we're not trying to be difficult.  We're just swamped.

You said before:

> The task package that installs corectly depends on "ssmtp", which
> conflicts with mail-transport-agent, provides mail-transport-agent
> *and replaces mail-transport-agent and exim*

> The task that doesn't work depends on "sendmail" which conflicts and
> provides the same but replaces nothing.

>	Could it be the reason? Is it a sendmail bug? (which appears
> only when a task depends on it). Is there a workaround?

Well, I don't quite know.  AFAIK, the MTA's themselves (sendmail,
exim, etc) need to conflict/replace/provide mail-transport-agent.
This ensures you only have one MTA on the system at a time.

I don't see any good reason why the task packages themselves should
conflict/provide/replace mail-transport-agent -- only the actual MTA
packages should.

Does this provide any light?

Before you said:

>	I created 2 tasks that way. The first install a debianized
> FWTK (firewall from TIS), ssmtp instead of exim, and some tools (less,
> dnsutils and so on). It works fine. The second one depends on FWTK,
> sendmail, m4, procmail, bind, bind-doc, dnsutils and dlint, and a
> home-made package that install config files for bind and sendmail
> (sendmail.mc and zone definitions for bind). For a strange reason,
> this task doesn't work.

I assume you aren't trying to install both tasks at once, right?
Since it seems that ssmtp and sendmail would conflict.

>	When I select this task, the install process acts like if I
>would have selected nothing. "exim" is installed, none of my custom
>packages are (neither FWTK nor the configuring one) and it lets 3
>packages not upgraded.

I suggest you go through the install -- you'll be left with a
more-or-less pristine base distribution.

Then, do 'apt-get -sfum install task-whatever' which you're trying to
install.  What does that say?  Does it give any clues?

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