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upx : debian-installer

Continuing the discussion of upx: 

I tried it and it brought the current di kernel from 526k to 450k, nice. (I
haven't yet tried to boot with it.)

In April of last year there was a discussion of upx, but it sounded like there
was some question about the way the license is GPL, plus an exception.  There is
currently a version of upx in non-free, not in main as far as I can tell,
perhaps due to the license question.

We'll need to update to a new (currently beta) version if we are to use it on
the debian-installer to compress the kernel.

Perhaps we move to get the new version into unstable, assuming that only if a
stable version comes out and the license question is resolved by the real
release of debian-installer (we probably have at least a year?) will we use upx.



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