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Notes on dbootstrap makefile and plans [Re: Debian Boot CVS: tausq]

> Modified files:
> 	utilities/dbootstrap: Tag: woody Makefile 
> 	utilities/dbootstrap/po: Tag: woody Makefile 
> Added files:
> 	utilities/dbootstrap: Tag: woody Makefile.orig 
> Log message:
> build system changes...
> Makefile has the new build system with some cleanups
> Makefile.orig is the original makefile, keeping it in the repository for
> now in case i broke something

some comments on this:

dbootstrap's makefile seems to have accumlated a lot of special cases
over the past months. here's an attempt to clean it up some. the idea is
that things like language-chooser, graphical dbootstrap, etc can be
controled via variables passed into make, which changes the relevant
CFLAGS/LIBS, instead of having them be separate targets. I envision that
we'll probably want to just standardize on, say, always turning language
chooser on, and not have to always have multiple variants (though you
can still build these quite easily).

I've also made the build be silent by default (i.e. it doesn't show you
the actual gcc command line). you can override this by passing NOISY=1
on the make line.

Also, by default output all go into a build/ subdirectory instead of
cluttering the source tree. This is similar to the .depends and
.translated directories we had before, but i feel doing it this way is a
bit cleaner.

Finally, the foo_test make targets have also been cleaned up as well.

Things that haven't been moved over yet are the *.trm targets. Of
course you can still manually do something like make -C po C.trm, cp
po/C.trm test.trm ...

I don't think I'll have a whole lot of time to work on b-f stuff in the
next few weeks, but I'd like to spend some time cleaning up dbootstrap.
Since Adam has been working on the makefiles i'll leave that to him. The
goal here is not so much to add new features, but to make b-f more

Comments on these are welcome of course; this include things like "your
makefile sucks, let's just use the old one" :-)

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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