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Re: Bug#83608: [PATCH]: modutils-udeb for debian-installer

We're really strapped for space trying to fit all on a single floppy.  We have
to carefully consider the 10k that using modprobe will cost us.  Is it possible
for you to elaborate on why you don't want us to use insmod.  We really only
need it to insmod a nic module, and after that we can grab anything else that we
want off the net (modprobei. for example).


Fri, Jan 26, 2001 at 11:37:35AM +0100 wrote:
> Previously David Whedon wrote:
> > Here's a patch to make a udeb of modutils for debian-installer.  It is still
> > possible that we will use busybox 'insmod', however busybox 'insmod' doesn't
> > currently support all our targetted archs.  In its current form this udeb
> > contains only the insmod binary.  I'm not convinced that is all we really
> > want, adding rmmod and lsmod is only an additional k or so.
> No, one *never* runs insmod, always use modprobe. 
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