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Re: demo segfaults

Randolph Chung wrote:
> > Here is the main menu of the Debian installer.
> >   1. Finish setting up the Debian installer
> >   2. Configure a static network
> > Prompt: 1 - 2> 2
> > Segmentation fault
> > make: *** [demo] Error 139
> i've seen it do this when it can't find ifconfig, although when i tried
> this it told me it couldn't find ifconfig...
> what you probably should do is go through the chroot manually; start in
> a shell, turn on core dumps (ulimit -c unlimited) and run
> /usr/bin/debconf /usr/bin/main-menu, when it segfaults you can at least
> tell from the core which component is segfaulting.

Ive never tried to debug something from the core dump, sounds a bit

I normally use checkergcc to track down segfaults, but ive been getting
compiler errors trying to compile, i guess i could try dmalloc, or
electric fence, but i havent used either of these before.


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