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Re: flavors in debian-isntaller

> > > There are a lot of undertermined things like how flavors will be handled.

presumably they have different kernel version numbers (2.2.17-compact,
f.i.) so they'll just build into different packages right? although i
guess you need some kind of a "Provides" for the dependencies to work
out correctly.

> > So you aren't able to get rid of flavors for debian-installer?
> I don't really know. "Flavors" can also correspond to specially-built
> kernels, I'm sure people will at least find reasons to do that.

there are a number of things that still cannot be built as modules, and
building all those things in (serial console, partition support, etc)
may still give us a kernel that is too big... i so wish we could somehow
get rid of flavors though.

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