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Bug#77048: boot-floppies and (woody)netsaint are incompatible

Ryan Murray <rmurray@debian.org> writes:

> reassign 77048 boot-floppies
> thanks
> > Looking at this again, since libgd1 is a very old libc5 compat
> > library, then this is netsaint's problem.  Reassigned.
> In potato, that's the case.  In woody, the maintainer has decided to drop the
> g from the libc6 package name, and no longer provide the libc5 compat library,
> so the bug is in the dep on libgd1g-dev, which is now libgd1-dev...

Why did you reassign this to boot-floppies?  What is the bug against

If it's been fixed as you say the bug should be closed.
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