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Re: Call-for-help: modconf

Randolph Chung <tausq@debian.org> wrote:
> We need to rethink how we want modconf - aka a kernel modules
> configuration utility - to work. As I see it, the biggest problem with
> modconf is that there's no easy way to get the description of modules,
> so we are left with a hack that is difficult to maintain. We really need
> a more robust and maintainable way to handle a modules database. Any
> ideas?

If I pick a random module from the kernel say drivers/net/eepro100.c in the
kernel source, I find this:

MODULE_AUTHOR("Maintainer: Andrey V. Savochkin <saw@saw.sw.com.sg>");
MODULE_DESCRIPTION("Intel i82557/i82558/i82559 PCI EtherExpressPro driver");
MODULE_PARM(debug, "i");
MODULE_PARM(options, "1-" __MODULE_STRING(8) "i");
MODULE_PARM(full_duplex, "1-" __MODULE_STRING(8) "i");
MODULE_PARM(congenb, "i");
MODULE_PARM(txfifo, "i");
MODULE_PARM(rxfifo, "i");
MODULE_PARM(txdmacount, "i");
MODULE_PARM(rxdmacount, "i");
MODULE_PARM(rx_copybreak, "i");
MODULE_PARM(max_interrupt_work, "i");
MODULE_PARM(multicast_filter_limit, "i");

Can it be used in some way in modconf? Could we make use of the information
that appears in Documentation/Configure.help as well?

This is kernel version 2.4.0

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