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dbootstrap and nfsroot on a javastation

Hi there,

I'm trying to install Debian on a Javastation (Krups model) using
another system as tftp and nfs server (Javastations don't have floppy
or harddisk drives, only network). I grabbed the latest bootfloppies
stuff from Incoming.

Because of a 'broken' prom on krups I downloaded the proll and
accompanying kernel image from the links pointed out in the
Linux-on-Javastation-HOWTO. The stock tftpboot.img from the sun4dm-pci
bootfloppies cabinet simply doesn't work at all.

This kernel mounts its root filesystem on the nfs server, which works
fine. The root filesystem contains the unpacked root.tar.gz, so it
fires up dbootstrap when I boot the krups. But now I get this error: "I
had trouble checking the choice of the rootfs. I don't know what to use
at the rootfs" and dbootstrap bails out.

Anyone know what I should change to get it to work, if it's possible?
Thanks for any hints, pointers!


PS When I unpack the base2_2.tgz from the bootfloppies on the nfs
   server and remove sbin/unconfigured.sh and boot the Javastation, and
   configure the system myself, it more or less works fine. But I would
   rather use dbootstrap to install instead :-)

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