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sbpcd mount fails during install

> >>I'm having trouble installing Debian 2.2_11
> on
> a >>486
> >>with a SoundBlaster 16 Value card driving a
> >>CR-563-B
> >>CD-ROM drive.  I use "sbpcd=0x220,1" for the
> >>command
> >>line parameter (the address is 220 when
> >>configured
> >>under DOS and works correctly there). 
> >>Installation of
> >>the sbpcd driver is successful, but when I
> try
> >>to use
> >>the cd-rom to do the base system
> installation,
> >>the
> >>mount fails.  Help, what am I doing wrong?
> >>
> >>Hugh Martin
> >>
I'm trying to salvage an old 486 66mhz that was
running win 3.11 with a sound blaster 16 CD.
everything works. 
when booting from the 'vanilla' rescue.bin, at
the boot: prompt, I type:
linux sbpcd=0x220,5
I have also tried:
linux sbpcd=0x220,SoundBlaster
but neither works.
any suggestions?


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