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Re: Debian Boot CVS: joeyh

Erik Andersen wrote:
> > argh. I just upgraded, and the name of libc.so* has changed again, and
> > mklibs broke again. Benc is right, this script is far too fragile in
> > it lookup of the libc pic libraries.
> I think we need a new approach here.  How about this.  All -pic
> packages are required to install a text file into /var/lib/picjunk
> (or some such) which lists the names of the pic libs in question.
> These can then be walked through one by one...  

I don't understand really why the code cannot just use wildcards, or
assume that if /usr/lib/libc_pic exists, it has the pic files in it. I'm
not sure if Marcus's code is trying to be portable outside debian or

see shy jo

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