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Re: d-i kernel and modules

Anthony Towns wrote:
> AIUI, udebs can't conflict: with each other; so these udebs will all have
> to be able to be installed simultaneously. Maybe they should be handled
> similarly to alternatives?

Udebs don't conflict, but udpkg doesn't care if one package overwrites a
file in another package. :-)

> > * We need to support flavored kernels (probably).
> Possibly not, though. If we separate the kernel used for the install to
> the one later used for booting

That's a cardinal sin as far as I'm concerned. It doubles the chance one
kernel will fail to work on the system. (I've installed other
distributions that failed on my hardware for exactly that reason.)

The plan all along has been to use an initrd on the installed system to
allow the minimal debian-installer kernel to insmod the driver for the
root filesystem and boot from there.

> > * What about users who want to provide their own kernel, but don't
> >   have a debian system to build it on? They could just compile modules
> >   in, but there might be dependany problems then, if udebs depend on
> >   a particular kernel module udeb, and it is not available.
> Is there any point adding dependencies? If the modules are available,
> they'll have been unpacked already anyway...

Well that assumes that anna continues to download and unpack all 
available packages. That might change..

see shy jo

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