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Re: Thoughts on the installer (early)

> GTK is nice, but it's not going on a floppy.  This will.

OK, so what about being the "deluxe" installation UI on CD/broadband
installs as Randolph has suggested?

The question here is whether there is a significant benefit from using
the frame buffer as opposed to using X.  I think there is.

> I admit I'd rather have a less hokey widget set, but the other
> advantage of BOGL is a compact utf8 and i18n library; does GTK have
> something similar?

This is what pango does for a living, a requirement for gtk-fb (and
maybe gtk-x11 as well?)  Since gtk-fb requires pango, thats just
something else that would have to be included in the installation
Chris Ruffin <c.ruffin@ieee.org>

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