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Re: debian on compaq proliant 800 witch smar-2sl RAID-card

Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

> Yes, it seems that certain (all) rootdisks don't have /dev/ida through
> some oversight or bug on our part.

Fixed in CVS.  We now have the following devices in /dev/ida/:

c0d0     c0d12    c0d2     c0d3p11  c1d0     c1d12    c1d2     c1d3p11
c0d0p1   c0d13    c0d2p1   c0d3p12  c1d0p1   c1d13    c1d2p1   c1d3p12
c0d0p10  c0d14    c0d2p10  c0d3p13  c1d0p10  c1d14    c1d2p10  c1d3p13
c0d0p11  c0d15    c0d2p11  c0d3p14  c1d0p11  c1d15    c1d2p11  c1d3p14
c0d0p12  c0d1p1   c0d2p12  c0d3p15  c1d0p12  c1d1p1   c1d2p12  c1d3p15
c0d0p13  c0d1p10  c0d2p13  c0d3p2   c1d0p13  c1d1p10  c1d2p13  c1d3p2
c0d0p14  c0d1p11  c0d2p14  c0d3p3   c1d0p14  c1d1p11  c1d2p14  c1d3p3
c0d0p15  c0d1p12  c0d2p15  c0d3p4   c1d0p15  c1d1p12  c1d2p15  c1d3p4
c0d0p2   c0d1p13  c0d2p2   c0d3p5   c1d0p2   c1d1p13  c1d2p2   c1d3p5
c0d0p3   c0d1p14  c0d2p3   c0d3p6   c1d0p3   c1d1p14  c1d2p3   c1d3p6
c0d0p4   c0d1p15  c0d2p4   c0d3p7   c1d0p4   c1d1p15  c1d2p4   c1d3p7
c0d0p5   c0d1p2   c0d2p5   c0d3p8   c1d0p5   c1d1p2   c1d2p5   c1d3p8
c0d0p6   c0d1p3   c0d2p6   c0d3p9   c1d0p6   c1d1p3   c1d2p6   c1d3p9
c0d0p7   c0d1p4   c0d2p7   c0d4     c1d0p7   c1d1p4   c1d2p7   c1d4
c0d0p8   c0d1p5   c0d2p8   c0d5     c1d0p8   c1d1p5   c1d2p8   c1d5
c0d0p9   c0d1p6   c0d2p9   c0d6     c1d0p9   c1d1p6   c1d2p9   c1d6
c0d1     c0d1p7   c0d3     c0d7     c1d1     c1d1p7   c1d3     c1d7
c0d10    c0d1p8   c0d3p1   c0d8     c1d10    c1d1p8   c1d3p1   c1d8
c0d11    c0d1p9   c0d3p10  c0d9     c1d11    c1d1p9   c1d3p10  c1d9

Is this sufficient?

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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