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comments on cdebconf

Looks like lots of interesting things happened to d-i over Christmas.
Very good job everyone!

I tried out Dan's bogl interface. Looks cool.... once we have the
"select" handler we can do dpkg-reconfigure debconf with cdebconf :-)

one thing i saw was that if the bogl interface segfaults (for example on
an unknown question type) the screen doesn't get cleaned up properly. is
there a way to handle this more gracefully? (perhaps a simple SIGSEGV
handler will work)

i checked in a slang ui today; this will (for now) replace the ncurses
stuff. slang is more lib-reduction friendly (at least right now) and has
a cleaner interface. the slang ui doesn't handle multiselect and text
question types yet, but other things should work.

Debian Developer <tausq@debian.org>

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