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Re: netkit-tiny package

On Wed Jan 03, 2001 at 07:43:03PM -0800, David Whedon wrote:
> I'm packaging netkit-tiny.  I'll make a deb and a udeb for debian-installer.
> I plan on putting in the udeb: ifconfig, ping, and nc.
> What's the future plan on this as far as integration with busy box (or not)?

>From the busybox TODO file:

     Networking apps are going to be split out to a new package called
     netkit-tiny before the next release of Busybox.  This will remove the
     following items from BusyBox: hostid, hostname, nc, nslookup, telnet, and
     ping.  nfs mounting and syslogd (network logging) will remain in BusyBox.

The reasoning is that, since this app needs to be setuid root (for ping and
such to work as a normal user), I want a smaller more auditable chunk of code.
I already carefully drop permissions before running applets which do not need
to be setuid root, but a bit of extra paranoia is always healthy.  I have only
put this thing together in the last couple of weeks...


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