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Re[2]: upx

Wednesday, January 03, 2001, 5:53:14 AM, you wrote:

IMJK> Wednesday, January 03, 2001, 4:23:18 AM, you wrote:

JH>> Upx is an executable file compressor. The interesting thing in relation
JH>> to the b-f or d-i is that it can compress bzimage linux kernels. The
JH>> kernel is still bootable, and a coworker shaved 100k off the size of an
JH>> existing bzimage (even though it was already compressed).

JH>> http://wildsau.idv.uni-linz.ac.at/mfx/upx.html

JH>> (i386 specific though for now.)

IMJK> I just tried it but I'm unable to compress the kernel with it both
IMJK> with version 1.01 (in potato) and 1.04, might I ask wich options you
IMJK> used, I'm really interested in shrinking kernel size so I can finally
IMJK> boot my server (that can't boot from the hard drive) with a larger
IMJK> kernel and so use less modules. (and it would also be great ofcourse
IMJK> for the boot disks)

WHOOPS I now see I'm being to carefull I must use the latest test
version :) sorry for the trouble.


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