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Bug#60290: install killed existing /home partition

You wrote:

> I cannot reproduce this, nor can other users.  My only guess is that
> you did format/install a partition whose device# was perhaps
> misreported by dbootstrap.  I do have some users complaining about
> partition name "drift" when there are FreeBSD partitons.
> Do you have any such partitions?
> Which flavor are you using?

As far as I can remember I was installing Debian over RedHat. So all partitions 
were ext2.

> Honestly, don't get frustrated -- we have no way to fix this because
> no one can tell us how to reproduce it.

Please close it then. I guess since the bug was reported the boot floppies have
one quite some progress, so it might even be that the bugreport is not matching
any more.

Thanks for your effort!

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