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Bug#80325: Installer misreports partition numbers

Thomas Blankenhorn <Thomas.Blankenhorn@icn.siemens.de> writes:

> Something causes the installer to report partition numbers on my machine
> with an offset of 4, while the programs called by the installer (like
> fdisk and mount) recognize them correctly. 
> Diagnosis:
> I don't really have one, just a clueless suggestion: could this have
> something to do with the four slices which the Free BSD partition is
> divided into?

Yes, I believe you've got it.

Unfortunately, I don't have the hacking skill nor the knowledge to fix
this.  Someone else will have to take a whack at it.

> Anyway, I can see two problems here:
> 1. The installer gets the partition numbers wrong, which it shouldn't.
> 2. The choices presented in menus like 'initialize a swap partition' or
> 'mount a previously initialized Linux partition' cannot be edited,
> forcing the user either to live with bogus choices or refrain from
> installing Debian.

No -- giving choices for every little thing is not the answer.  The
alternative is to go into tty2 and do stuff manually.

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