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Re: Creating a custom CD

Antonio Fiol <fiol@w3ping.com> writes:

> I have found a modified boot-floppies package that does more or less
> what I needed However, when I try to build a Debian CD with
> BOOTDISKS=/the/path/where/I/have/the/boot-floppies/package it will
> complain about a wrong structure. It wants the same structure as in the
> ftp mirror, but boot-floppies does generate all the files in the same
> directory.

All what files?  Are you talking about root1440.bin and such?

> Am I doing sth wrong, or should I create the structure by hand?

I'm still not clear what you're trying to do, but if you use 'make
release' and then expand the tarballs in the release/ subdir with the
provided shell script in there, I suspect that will solve your issue.

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