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Re: new demo system -- chrooted!

On Thu, Dec 21, 2000 at 02:16:11PM -0800, Joey Hess wrote:
> Marcus, do you have plans to make the library
> reduction code into a standalone debian package or something,

I probably should.

> and will
> it be possible to point it at a tree like the one in my demo and tell it
> to just look at all the binaries in there and do library reduction to
> yeild a miminal libc?

The script just works this way. You tell it at the command line which
binaries to look at. With -L you say where the libraries are (if it
shouldn't use the system libraries). It will reduce all libraries it can
find a pic file for. Other libraries are copied to DEST.

I have two (or three?) bug reports against the current version in
boot-floppies, one only affects C++ using binaries. I will try to put some
time aside to look at them...

marcus@ulysses[0]:~$ gnu/hurd/release/mklibs.sh --help

Usage: gnu/hurd/release/mklibs.sh [OPTION]... -d DEST FILE ...
Make a set of minimal libraries for FILE ... in directory DEST.

  -L DIRECTORY               Add DIRECTORY to library search path.
  -n, --dry-run              Don't actually run any commands; just print them.
  -v, --verbose              Print additional progress information.
  -V, --version              Print the version number and exit.
  -h, --help                 Print this help and exit.

  -d, --dest-dir DIRECTORY   Create libraries in DIRECTORY.

Required arguments for long options are also mandatory for the short

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