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Re: debian-installer demo system, take 2

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> I understand the general logic behind this, but I've got two big user
> interface objections.  For one, I wish there was a way to not present
> such a hideously big menu at the beginning, even if it is very simple;
> not much we can do about that, though.  More importantly, the
> cleverness of selecting the abbreviations will really fry us later, I
> think.  Could we go back to just numbering the options?  Seeing
> "a, b, b, q, v, w, c, x, y, z, 1" as consecutive options just rings
> badly.

All the ui stuff is being done by debconf in this demo, I have no idea how
cdebconf will look.

I do need to rework that selection list stuff in debconf's text frontend. 
It works ok except when it doesn't work. :-)

see shy jo

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