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Re: [VA-Debian] Comments from a first-time Debian install.....

Adam Di Carlo wrote:
> Yes, this is very true.  I think this is a newt bug or something,
> which is already filed.  It really needs to be improved.

There is a simple fix for it, you just make the color of the button when
inactive be the same as the color of the rest of the dialog box or
screen. So it only changes color when it is highlighted. Whiptail has a
similar problem, while dialog gets it right. It probably is a newt

> A harder question to answer. Debian has the "standard" priority for
> packages which are standard on any unix box.  Gpm has always been
> installed for me, since it is priority "standard", so that is some
> sort of bug that ought to be tracked down, e.g., why you didn't get
> this.  'tasksel' is the package in question, that bugs should be filed
> against.

Oh no, it's the "should tasksel autoselect standard" question again. We 
had a talk about this last spring, and probably chose wrong.

I've just uploaded to unstable a base-config that calls tasksel -s.
Problem solved.

see shy jo

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