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Debian Boot CVS: joeyh

CVSROOT:	/cvs/debian-boot
Module name:	debian-installer
Changes by:	joeyh	00/11/30 18:44:23

Added files:
	retriever/choose_mirror: Makefile TODO choose_mirror.c debconf.c 
	                         debconf.h makeheader.pl mirrors.h 
	retriever/choose_mirror/debian: templates 

Log message:
What this thing is is a mirror selection tool, rather like the middle part
of apt-setup, except it's just 9k compiled ands that includes all the
mirror info built-in (rather than consulting the 56k Mirrors.masterlist).

It uses debconf to walk the user through picking a mirror.

It is utterly untested and will not work. :-P

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