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weekly (?) debian-installer status report

I skipped last week which was probably a bad idea. Too busy..

Done these past two weeks:
- dpkg 1.7.0 was released, so udebs can be built now
- Continuing development of udpkg has gotten all the important features
- Pcidetect has been checked in. It is able to detect PCI NIC's and is
  quite small.
- Hardware detectors have also been written for sound, ethernet (a competing
  implementation), cd, cpu, disk, modem, and memory detection, all using
  libdetect, and supporting pci and optionally isa.

Still Todo:
	- design [Joey Hess, debian-boot]
                75% done. Enough to know what the big peices are 
                and how they fit together.
        - udeb archive setup [James Troup, Anthony Towns, Jason Gunthorpe]
                95% support in new package pools code. James is now waiting
		for after 2.1r2, it seems.
        - udeb building [Joey Hess]
		Udebs can be built now.
        - cdebconf (miniature debconf in C) [Randolph Chung, Anthony Towns]
                In progress. Infrastructure is 70% done. have one working
                database backend, have a conceptual text-based
                frontend that is ~1/4 done.
        - udpkg (tiny dpkg clone) [Randolph Chung, Joey Hess]
		Usable. One todo item (localized descriptions)
        - main-menu (main menu generator) [Joey Hess]
                90% done (one non-trivial todo item)
        - busybox integration [Erik Andersen]
                Not started. Busybox needs to build one or more .udebs.
                Probably more than one.
        - network card detector [Glenn McGrath, David Whedon]
		Pcidetect is written, detects PCI cards only. Needs
		testing. David has another detector that uses libdetect
	- other hardware detection [David Whedon]
		David has written detectors for sound, ethernet, cd, cpu,
		disk, and memory detection. All need testing.
        - network setup [UNCLAIMED]
                Not started. Set up the network, via dhcp or via prompting;
                implementor decides.
        - retreiver control program [Joey Hess, Glenn McGrath]
                Not started. Sort of like apt, except tons dumber, this
                uses retreiver(s) to download Packages files and then udebs,
                and calls udpkg to install them. Still unclear exactly how
		this will work, we need help figuring this out.
        - http retreiver [UNCLAMED]
                Not started. Download udebs, other files from network.
        - install target media detector [UNCLAIMED]
                Not started. Just has to figure out what media to install to.
                Probably trivial; most support already in the kernel.
        - disk partitioner [UNCLAIMED]
                Not started. Some kind of a UI to let the user partition their
                disks and decide what the partitions are used for.
        - disk formatter [UNCLAIMED]
                Not started. Formats disks, turns on swap, etc.
        - base system installer [UNCLAIMED]
                Not started. Installs the base system, probably from base.tgz
                for now, and does any necessary setup.
        - {lilo,grub} installer [UNCLAIMED]
                Not started. Sets up {lilo,grub}.
        - kernel module udebs [Vaidhy]
                Not started. We will need various sets of kernel modules;
                one such set is NIC drivers. Each set goes in a udeb; there
                probably has to be a system to build the whole kernel and
        - library reduction [Marcus Brinkmann]
                Not started. There is code in the boot-floppies that should
                be usable, but this is still one of the hardest parts.
        - install media build system [UNCLAIMED]
                Not started. Puts all the peices together and makes
                install media.
        - user documentation
		Not started. (Waiting until we have something to document..)

see shy jo

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