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Bug#77425: boot-floppies: tulip driver in 2.2r0 boot floppies not working

Scott Robinson <scott@robhome.dyndns.org> writes:

> I recently installed a new Debian 2.2r0 system using the rescue/root/drivers
> combo available on the CD Image. I found I could not get my brand new
> tulip.o based Netgear FA 310TX Fast Ethernet PCI Adapter to work with the
> 2.2.17pre6 packaged and auto-installed with the boot-floppy.
> The solution was to get the real 2.2.17 kernel source, but I couldn't get
> that without 'net access! A dilemma indeed! I ended up pulling out an old
> SMC Ultra (smc-ultra.o) card and using it to download the latest source and
> using make-kpkg to generate a proper kernel.
> This could cause definate problems for people who don't have an alternative
> net card. I would suggest upgrading the boot-floppies source kernel to the
> full 2.2.17.

Could you do me a favor and test the version at

Depending on when you download that, that may be a version compiled
with experimental internationalization stuff, which has some problems
you can ignore (can't find keymap, cfdisk looks wierd, etc).  The only
issue we're concerned with for this bug is whether the 2.2.18pre21
kernel sources closes this bug.  I would assume that it does.


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