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Re: correction to Installing Debian GNU/Linux 2.2

Julian Armando Mena Zapata <jmenaza@libertad.univalle.edu.co> writes:

> In ...
> Installing Debian GNU/Linux 2.2 For Intel x86
> Chapter 8 Next Steps and Where to Go From Here 
> I seen it ...
> ==================
> Now, compile the kernel: fakeroot make-kpkg --revision=custom.1.0
> kernel_image. The version number of ``1.0'' can be
> changed at will; this is just a version number that you will use to track
> your kernel builds. Likewise, you can put any word you like in
> place of ``custom'' (e.g., a host name). Kernel compilation may take quite
> a while, depending on the power of your machine. 
> ==================
> but if you have used this, and no specific any up kernel-version
> (e.g., your actual kernel is kernel-image-2.2.17_2.2.17pre6-1.deb) then
> with apt-get dselect-upgrade (with dselect process is ditto) desinstall
> your new kernel-image installed. So, if you try with make-kpkg 
> --revision=2.2.17pre6-2 kernel-image (superior image of actual kernel),
> apt-get dselect-upgrade no present problem.
> thanks.
> what do you thinks of this? 

I think that's deeper into the logistics of kernel compilation than I
wanna go in this document.  Folks should just their kernel-image
packages on hold if they wanna hold them.  And they should read
make-kpkg documentation rather than the install manual for information
that detailed. 


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