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Need some serious help with a Linux Boot Problem


My name is Darshan and I was broswing the web for a solution to my problem, when I came across a message board, which had your email addresses.

I have a Pentium III 500 in which I have 2 operating systems. I have partioned my drives and I am running windows 98 as my mine and linux 7.0 as well.

Everything was running perfectly fine.

I had copied the loadlin.exe file and vmlinuz file to my C: directory in windows...so that when i reboot the computer into dos...

i type the following command and it take me into linux...

loadlin vmlinuz root=dev/hda3

everything worked fine until today...i get the following as an error...please give me some advice and a solution if possible...thanks

Kernel panic : VFS : Unable to mount root fs on 00:de

that is the message i get...please email me ASAP...thanks
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