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Bug#77088: wd driver won't load during install

Package: boot-floppies
Version: 2.2.17

Using the i386 boot floppies provided for Debian 2.2r1, I am unable to
load the wd driver for my SMC Elite network card.  Under both the
"idepci" and "compact" disk sets, part of the problem appears to be
that the required dependency, the 8390.o module, is not included.
This part I am sure is a Debian bug, since all the dependencies of
included modules need to be included.

The rest, I'm not entirely sure whether it's a Debian bug....  When
running the full version of the install disks, the 8390 module is
there and loadable, but then when I try to load wd.o, I still get a
"init_module: Device or resource busy" error, whether I give it no
arguments, all the relevant arguments (io, irq, mem), or anything in
between.  By comparison, a tomsrtbt disk (kernel 2.0.39 with the wd
driver among the many it has compiled in) automatically detects and
sets up the network interface.
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