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Re: 2.2.15 i386 available for pre-upload testing

tim <deb@holymonkey.com> writes:

> shortly after i sent that email one of the boot-floppy updates fixed this
> problem. potato installs and runs without problems on my thinkpad.
> however, the floppies you mentioned below from
> http://auric.debian.org/~aph/bf/2.2.18-2000-10-14/images-1.44/compact/
> have the same problem as before. an box comes up saying "unable to load 
> pcmcia modules" or something after i try to load them. I am attaching the
> output to /var/log/messages after usig the debug boot option.
> tell me if you want me to test something new.

This is interesting.  According to your report, the compact flavor of
kernel/pcmcia modules has a mismatch and unresolved symbols.  Ouch.

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