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Re: LANGUAGE_CHOOSER - continued

Marcin Owsiany <porridge@pandora.info.bielsko.pl> writes:

> (2). I added libutf8_plug.so to $LIBRARIES (under "determining set of required
> libraries" in rootdisk.sh). I don't know if I should have, I thought this is
> needed for library reduction, but now during the build tar cries that it
> can't find the file (maybe because it is not run from top directory?):
> I: copying required libraries to root filesystem
> tar: ./utilities/bogl/libutf8_plug.so: Cannot stat: No such file or directory
> tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
> This doesn't seem to break anything, though.

Hmm.   A little troubling.  This library is from bf-utf module, right?
How are you integrating the stuff required from that CVS module into
the boot-floppies build process?

It's definately a priority that this build process works smoothly for
porters.  Probably checks should be added to the top-level 'make
check' and possilby in other places as well, if you haven't already
done so.

> (3). Currently it won't build if you don't type 'make utils' earlier. Anyway,
> IIRC this was also the case before, if you built e.g. only root.bin

Um, hmm, but 'make clean; make release' works, right?  This can
probably be pretty easily fixed.

> (4). The release_notes.?? files in scripts/rootdisk/messages/ are not cleaned
> on 'make clean' in top directory. Is this a right directory to keep them in
> during build?

I believe so -- things work ok as is now with those files, I think.

> If so, then I should add a cleaning command to top level
> Makefile, right?

Sounds like it.

> If not, then where should they be kept?

Well, I'd have to look more deeply, but it's certainly possible that
it might be cleaner to have scripts/rescue/Makefile and
scripts/rescue/messages/Makefile that handles this stuff.

> (5). As I understand, LC won't be on all disk sets - only on those, which
> have enough free space and framebuffer support. This will cause problems in
> current build setup, where e.g. root1440idepci.bin contains a UTF-8
> dbootstrap and things, but root1440.bin should be just plain old vanillia
> root.bin, with standard.
> This will mean we'll have to either:
> 1) make some kind of cleanup between building flavors with LC and those
>    without it
>  or
> 2) make two flavors of the things that differ between LC and non-LC
>    versions, and name them differently, like:
> 	root.bin depends on dbootstrap
> 		while
> 	root-idepci.bin depends on dbootstrap-lc
> (dbootstrap is the plain old version, while dbootstrap-lc is linked against
> patched versions of slang and newt)
> Does anyone have some idea for 3) ?

Hmm, option (2) sounds best to me.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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