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Bug#76871: Request for isapnp on boot floppies

Package: boot-floppies
Severity: wishlist

Hello all,

      After a discussion on IRC with a Debian User I propose that
      there should be created a flavor of Debian boot-floppies that
      include support for ISA PnP hardware. I suppose this could be
      accomplished by adding executables from isapnp package. These
      are isapnp and dumpnp (might be misspelled). It might be
      also done by including these into the last driver floppy of some
      existing flavor. Also the setup procedure should then be changed
      to mention or run these progs. Their size is apr. 80 Kb.
      I'm new Debian Developer, so don't kill me if I'm completely
      <Asbestos pampers: on>

Best regards,
 Aigars                          mailto:aigarius@mail.lv

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