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Re: boot-floppies: how do I go about making my own version (newbie)

Walter Tautz <wtautz@math.uwaterloo.ca> writes:

> Hello, I am interested in creating my own boot-floppies
> Primarily so i can change some of the text messages and
> change some of the menu options. Ideally I would like
> to create a single boot floppie that would be expressly
> used to do network install. In particular I would like
> to have a kernel which has a fairly wide choice of NIC
> support compiled into it. One of the first options the
> user should be presented with is network configuration.
> Afterwhich more files needed for the install could be
> retrived from an ftp server... Any ideas? Has anyone
> done something like this already? I would love to see
> some examples...

Regarding single floppy, it's not really possible with the existing
boot-floppies, since we can't fit the root filesystem and the kernel
on the same floppy as of kernel 2.2.x.  However, it is easy enough
(and documented in the install manual, somewhat) how to replace the

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