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Re: no hard disk found during Debian installation

"giuferrero@libero.it" <giuferrero@libero.it> writes:

> i'm a Linux-newbie and a bought some weeks ago a 4 CD-set Debian-Linux.
> During the first step of the CD-boot sequence the system tries to 
> identify the installed hardware.
> I receive the following message 'No hard disk drive could be found'.
> After this message the system goes on trying a network installation but 
> my PC is a home stand-alone system.
> On my PC i have two IDE hard-disks.
> On one of them i have deleted the DOS partition by using the FDISK tool.
> So this 4Gb HD is completely free for Linux and positioned as master 
> drive on the primary IDE channel.
> What can i do to solve this problem?

Hmm.  When the kernel is booting up, does it talk at all about ide0 or
hda being recognized?  You would normally only get this message if the
hard drive is not recognized by the kernel.  You might want to look at
the various kernel arguments you might need to use; see the BootPrompt
HOWTO off www.linuxdoc.org.

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