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Re: debinst: non-msdos partition table creation support

Glenn McGrath <bug1@optushome.com.au> writes:

> I understand how msdos partition tables work now, its just a bunch of
> ugly hacks to make use of legacy structures that are long obsolete.
> msdos partitions need to be supported for machines that need microsoft
> compatability (and other OS's ?), but i think that we should provided
> users the ability to create a non-crap partition table.

You need them to boot.
> There are heaps of other partition tables formats around, i dont know
> much about any of them though, i will look into it.

I think the nicest one comes form AmigaOS. No limitations and enough
space for aditional infos.

You can even put the filesystem to be used onto the disk for
bootloader that need it (which none do because dos partitions cant).


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