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Re: newlib for installer?

David Whedon wrote:
> newlib is a replacement for libc used on embedded systems. Perhpas the
> small footprint would be good for the installer.  I searched the
> archive for references to using cygnus's newlib for the installer and
> didn't find anything.  Either it hasn't been considered, or there is a
> good reason not to use it that I am missing.  I haven't looked into
> this deeply, if anyone else has already I'm interested in their
> thoughts.
> You can find newlib at:
> http://sources.redhat.com/newlib/
> My initial attempt to link libdetect (auto-detection library) against
> newlib failed, though I haven't given up yet. (My ethernet card
> detection binary is currently 300K, but I know that it can be _much_
> smaller.)
> The licenses for newlib are DFSG free as far as I can tell.
> -David

Erik (and the rest of the uclibc team) have been making great progress
with uclibc, it compiles busybox statically to 370KB (70KB of libraries)
whereas compiled with glibc its about 650 KB

I dont know how this compares to newlib though.

uclibc lives at http://opensource.lineo.com/cgi-bin/cvsweb/uC-libc/


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