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Re: sgi dislabel support for libfdisk

On Thu, Nov 02, 2000 at 01:51:13AM +0100, H.Heinold wrote:
> sorry that i didnt posted the patch yet, but i wanted to tested a bit,
I checked the patch with the testing program that came with libfdisk on 
two machines(that's all I have available :) and it seems o.k. 
> but I discoverd that theres is a lot more work to do with dbootstrap.
> we need to make dboostrap know about dvh-tool the lilo-exchange for
> mips, maintained by guido.
When using dvhtool we still have the problem that we can't set the PROM
variables ( bootfile, root-partition) from within the installer, I'll
look into this.
 -- Guido

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