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RE: FALSE == 1

Without knowing any of the background, I find it pretty scary that this got
into production in the first place.   I hope there's not much stuff about
that's using this.

Tim Anderson

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	Subject:	Re: FALSE == 1

	> >  +#define FALSE   ((int) 1)
	> >  +#define TRUE    ((int) 0)
	> This is contrary to usual logic which says that
	> if (3>2) { 
	>   whatever
	> }

	Yes, I'm quite aware this is "contrary to usual logic" that's why I
	posted in the first place.

	> Why not change the "wrong" definitions of TRUE and FALSE in
whatever place
	> they are found, instead of propagating this madness even more?

	I don't consider that I've propagated anything, these definitions
	and have existed for some time. My intention was to highlight these
	undesirable definitions so that others will not fall foul of them as
	did. While I could easily change these brain damaged definitions, I
	don't have the time to fix and test any misguided logic that may
	dependant on them.

	I hope the original author of these definitions takes no offence, as
	feel sure that no sane 'C' programmer would have coded them


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