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Re: dpkg-deb shell script

Randolph Chung wrote:
> In reference to a message from Glenn McGrath, dated Oct 05:
> > Attached is a little shell script i wrote that does most of what the
> > real dpkg-deb does.
> very cool!
> a few questions:
> what's control and nl? does it work with busybox?
> can you check this into cvs some place? :-)
> randolph
> --

nl is from textutils, it isnt in busybox, but it wouldnt be hard to do
all it does is number the text lines so head and tail work, there is
probably a better way to do it, but i havent written shell scripts for a
while, so i just tried to get something that works.

control is just the control file from within the package to be

I dont have cvs upload access at debian, i could upload it to busybox's
cvs if Erik wants it.


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