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Re: report on iMacDV/iBook SE (was Re: Installing Debian on an Imac DV)

> > Ethan, your mac-fdisk document should really be added to the Debian/PPC install 
> > doc. Invaluable.
> Good idea - want to add that to CVS, Ethan?

I'm currently reworking the mac-fdisk man page (which should be in the
install section) to cover the 'reorder to place bootstrap partition before
MacOS' trick. Plus I've fixed the problem with reordering partitions - on
shifting partitions downward, there was a stupid off-by-one error in the
code so the new partition index was always one less than intended. Very
confusing when moving partition 4 to position 5 :-) Right now the correct
semantics of reordering is 'insert partition <old> _before_ partition <new>
but that doesn't seem the obvious one.


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