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Re: Bug#72327: boot-floppies: doesn't install .bash_logout for root (fwd)

> >  > Are you sure?
> >  > 
> >  > $ tar ztvf base2_2.tgz | awk '$6 == "./root/" '
> >  > drwxr-xr-x root/root         0 2000-07-05 19:47:09 ./root/
> > 
> > maybe this changed. At least a have some slink boxes where 700 was the
> > default.
> Indeed, this changed, and that's not good. Why was this gratuitous change
> made?

/root has always been 755. The gratuitous thing (IMHO) was the boot
floppies team overriding this in the base system. Some time ago I
asked about this and 755 was considered to be good enough for /root,
see the archives.

Anyway, the root account does not differ so much from an ordinary user
account, because the admin is usually supposed to do "su" from an
unprivileged account. If you think we should change our privacy
policy, please move the thread to debian-devel and consider all the
cases, including default mode for directories in /home.

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