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Bug#72616: base: libc6_2.1.94-1.deb does not contain a libdb.so.3

Package: base
Version: 20000927
Severity: critical

When attempting to send mail via mutt, I get this message:

sendmail: error while loading shared libraries: libdb.so.3: cannot open shared
object file: No such file or directory

[postfix 0.0.20000531.S installed, not sendmail itself]

A manual inspection of the contents of libc6_2.1.94-1.deb shows that
libdb.so.3 is not included even tho a search of the package contents 
(http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages) indicates that it should be
included. Perhaps I should be installing something else? this is after
a dselect upgrade this afternoon. 

My solution: install libdb.so.3 from libc6_2.1.3-10.deb, cross fingers
and pray hard...if you get this report, then it was enough to get postfix

-- System Information
Debian Release: woody
Kernel Version: Linux aggie 2.2.15 #1 Wed Jul 12 15:43:42 EDT 2000 i686 unknown

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