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RE: Installing LILO.

Richard Swen scribbled:
> Is there a way to install lilo on an NTFS partition?

I'm not aware of any way to do this.

But if your goal is to get a dual boot Linux/Windows NT machine,
you might try the following:
- Install Windows NT as usual
- Install Linux as usual, do not install LILO as the MBR
- create a 512-byte file in the root of the NT FS called "/C/hda2.sec"
	dd if=/dev/zero of=/C/hda2.sec count=1 bs=512
	let's assume you mounted that FS under "/C",
	and that hda1=WindowsNT, hda2=Linux
- Add/change the folowing lines in your lilo.conf:
- Run lilo
- Add the following line to "/C/boot.ini":
	C:\hda2.sec="Debian GNU/Linux"
- Of course you want to change the default in this file :-)
- Reboot and enjoy

I use the Windows NT to boot between 2 Windows NT flavours (4.0 and 2000),
Windows 98SE and 3 Linux flavours: "You can only beat the competition if you
know its weak points and learn from its strong points"


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